Let's Debug

Test result for band.snu.ac.kr using http-01

A test authorization for band.snu.ac.kr to the Let's Encrypt staging service has revealed issues that may prevent any certificate for this domain being issued. Fetching http://band.snu.ac.kr/.well-known/acme-challenge/ZWyV9BKJ3nM8d1t1vf4z9i9dOZ7TB5vAxe0Pa5meFSQ: Redirect loop detected
The current status as reported by the Let's Encrypt status page is Degraded Performance as at 2024-05-16 15:49:23.325 +0000 UTC. Depending on the reported problem, this may affect certificate issuance. For more information, please visit the status page.

Submitted May 16 16:28:24 2024. Sat in queue for 2ms. Completed in 40s. Show verbose information.